Monday, December 17, 2012

Looking at the problem

Today’s business environment is filled with complex challenges that require time, talent and perseverance to address. Yet the business cycle is a fast moving current, and missing the window of opportunity can be very costly. Adding an unwanted dimension we have the issue of culture and communication, and very soon, your medium or large organization is now moving in directions you did not expect…

Many businesses are faced with challenges that mirror this scenario on a day to day basis. As challenges become more than a “one shot” issue, a corporation needs to address these so that it helps itself to grow, and not harm itself in the process. This is difficult in a slow paced environment, and seems impossible in a normal paced industry! And it leads to the reliance on personal charisma and leadership – and sets the organization up for more risk.

One of the things that an Agile approach is able to help with is addressing the issue of risk, as well as positioning the tools to be able to identify, face and deal with real challenges that your business will face. Within the Agile space, AI is uniquely positioned to address these types of “growing pains” through several core competencies and methodologies to help YOU address your challenges. Both for the short and long term.

For example, when faced with a multi-factor issue, how do you root cause the problem to get the most effective results? Do you know what your goal is? Does your team? What are the factors that are needed to change direction? Which factors have a small or no effect to address the issue or achieve the goal? Do you know what to ask of your team? DO you know how to motivate and center them towards a solution? Are your organizational boundaries helping resolve issues – or creating issues for you? Sometimes, knowing what to ask is a good beginning, and sadly many organizations do not know where to start…

When you partner with AI, we want to make sure that when you transform you not only have stronger technologists who are using an Agile method – we want to make sure your organization IS an Agile workspace, able to thrive in uncertainty and with the ability to create leaders and address complexity. How can we help you do your best work today?

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